Computer Recycling Bristol

From old printers, computers to laptops we collect IT equipment that goes for proper recycling. For a free collection of the items from your organisation or home, there should be minimum 20 items.

The rising environment degradation with electronic waste is a concern for the society. To meet the same, efficient measures of IT disposal comes on priority. Ecogreen IT recycling undergoes the significant work of recycling the old IT equipment be it computers, laptops, servers, monitors and other old and discarded IT equipment. With a mission to save the environment, we operate around Bristol and throughout the UK mainland.

However, you can get in touch with our team if you have less, for a noteworthy solution. Conserving the environment and making it a better place for the future generation is in your hands and insecure IT disposal is a threat to the environment anyway.

Equipment We Collect

Ecogreen IT Recycling Bristol provides a certified free computer recycling in Bristol that includes the collection of all IT related equipment from any organisation, be that schools or businesses. Book your collection now to receive our professional and prompt services in Bristol.

Below is a list of the equipment that we collect:

Computer Base Units




Whiteboards (may be charged depending on quantity)

CRT Monitors (£5 + VAT Per)

Toners/Ink Cartridges

Assorted Cables

Apple Equipment


Phone Systems

Mobile Phones

Photocopiers (£50 + VAT Per)

TVs (£5 + VAT Per)

Networking Equipment

All Electronic and IT Related Equipment

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