How To Recycle And Donate Common Household Items

Recycle and Donate

How To Recycle And Donate Common Household Items

IT equipment recycling is one of the most cost-effective and environment-friendly ways of reusing old gadgets and devices.

Spring curers are just in the mid of eight weeks of cleaning and decluttering. Getting clear of the old junk can be quite difficult. To make the procedure simple, we have pulled together a list of suggestions for donating, recycling or selling of the common household things.

What Is IT Recycling?

Inside every gadget or computer, there are a lot of components. IT equipment recycling helps remove some of these components from the gadgets properly as they are harmful to the environment.

One computer contains around 2 kg of lead, and a complex mixture of elements makes computers and PCs difficult to recycle. Ecogreen is a top-notch IT recycling company based in Nottingham, we offer IT equipment recycling and secure IT disposals.

Why Is Recycling Important?

The advantages are far and everybody gets to benefit from it when people adopt the habit of recycling. Whether it’s a community-based effort of keeping the neighbourhood clean, or a larger scale effort to save thousands of pounds on waste management, the benefits of IT equipment recycling are endless.

Furniture Recycling

Recycle And Donate

Donate great furniture to places like the Goodwill, Brown Elephant and the Salvation Army. Move value furniture through craigslist, or hand it over through freecycle. We don’t support directing furniture to the landfill in the event that you can encourage it, yet we’ve experienced difficulty discovering approaches to reuse wrecked furniture. If anybody has proposals for reusing harmed goods, let us know in the remarks underneath.

IT Equipment Recycle

Used IT equipment can be sold on craigslist or e-bay. Both non-working and working PCs can be donated to programs that repair old PCs for schools or to IT recycling services like Ecogreen.

Clothes Recycling

Recycle And Donate

You can pitch attire in great condition to transfer or recycle shops. To give garments, sponge them and offer them to associations like the Salvation Army or Goodwill. These gatherings sort frayed materials and pitch them to recyclers.

Baby Items And Children’s Toys

Recycle And DonateDonate infant things and functioning toys to thrift shops or associations needing children’s things. You can likewise offer infant things in great condition to claim to fame relegation shops. To move collectable dolls, list your things on e-straight. Numerous things in toys and amusements are biodegradable, so in the event that you have a cracked toy, dismantle it and reuse any plastic, paper, or metal parts.


Saving stores and charity shops purchase used machines. Since machines are made from steel; a significant number of their parts can likewise be reused.

Household Waste And Cleaning Supplies

Dangerous family unit squander incorporates paints, batteries, poisonous synthetic concoctions, glaring lights, cleaning items, and pretty much everything that should not be discharged into the earth from a landfill or through flushing. Snap here for approaches to discard perilous family squander.

Toner/Ink Cartridges

Most of the toner and ink cartridge is either refillable or recyclable. Around 300 million ink cartridges are sent to the landfills. You have two choices either you can recycle them or refill them. If you have no idea how to do it then just Google and find out how to do it yourself (DIY).


Recycle And Donate

One of the most commonly used household items are batteries that fall in the category of IT recycling.  We throw used batteries in trash directly; this needs to stop, in many countries throwing batteries in trash has become illegal.

There are other counters that have proper laws on how to dispose of batteries. You can opt to send all the used batters to local facilities who collect dry cells. Throwing the battery in a landfill may cause harm to people. Batteries comprise of harmful materials causing danger to the environment. Because of the mercury which presents inside the cells. You can collect all the used batteries and post them to the local facility which is near you.

Razors And Tooth Brushes

One billion disposable razors are trashed every year. It does not cost efficient neither its safe to handpick these razor blades and razors from the landfills. However, toothbrushes are not so difficult to recycle.  Nylon fibres and hard plastic that doesn’t biodegrade easily make toothbrushes. They produce numerous toxins when burnt and consume a lot of fossil fuel.

In order to recycle or donate invest in buy disposable razors or you can get a razor bank or use an old soup can for collecting used razors. After collecting used razors you can drop those to a local recycle factory. Same goes for toothbrushes Colgate has launched its own recycling program you can send all your used toothbrushes to them.


Recycle And Donate

Saving stores or shops purchase used books and novels in good conditions. We recommend you good proposals on disposing of books, including giving to 826CHI, Books to Prisoners, Pages to Prisoners, Chemotherapy Patient Donations, giving endlessly books to companions, and giving to your nearby library.

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Computer recycling and IT equipment recycling is an ideal way to save the atmosphere in an eco-friendly manner. It’s the only way towards a healthier and greener planet.

Most importantly e-waste can be reused for several reasons without consuming natural resources. Ecogreen IT recycling Nottingham based company helps in recycling every type of electronics.

Ecogreen is a top-notch IT recycling company in the UK. They are professionals in secure IT disposal. Recycling in huge amount, their IT recycling team is great and can make a proper assessment of your IT equipment for secure computer disposal Bristol.


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