How To Protect Confidential Data | Secure Data Destruction

Protect confidential data

How To Protect Confidential Data | Secure Data Destruction

Data is sensitive information that a business holds; whether it’s relating to your employees or customers, you must take precautionary measures to protect it. Failure to make sure that data is adequately protected and is by the law can lead to the proceeding as well as harm your organisation’s reputation and loss to business revenue. To protect confidential data, secure data destruction is one of the essential elements of data removal for every organisation.

Data That Must Be Protected

Personal information as cleared by the DPA must be secure from unapproved access.

It should also be encoded:

  • When it’s stored on a laptop or any computer storage channel (DVD, CD, USB, etc.) which might be visible to a significant risk of being stolen or lost. Any such gadget when outside secure location is considered to be at potential risk, including conventional computers where it’s being transferred through a computer network.
  • This refers to sending data by email either outside or within the business, remotely accessing web pages or transferring files offline.
  • The risk is that unencrypted data in transfer may be interrupted where the information is being transferred using a postal service such that the information media could be lost, intercepted or stolen and read while in the transfer.

Below are some of the top ways to better secure the confidential data that your business handles:

Use Trusted Shredders And Waste Bins

protect confidential data

As noticeable as digital data has become, most businesses still work with a lot of paper on a daily basis. If you need to remove sensitive data, then be sure to either use trusted waste bins or shred them. Issues like identity theft mean that you should never think that since you have put a document in the bin, it can’t be viewed by anyone else. To protect confidential data, investing in secure data destruction can prevent unwanted access to your private data.

Protect Confidential Data With Control Access

Its important to control access for data being stored digitally or online by using passwords, firewalls and encryption. Data stored on small devices like USB need to be password protected.

Use strong passwords, easy to guess pins are a huge mistake that businesses make and something that you should avoid to do if you want to keep your private info safe.

Lockable File Storage Cabinets

protect confidential data

If you want to erase confidential documents permanently; then a shredder works well, but what about the files you need to keep with you? In this case, the ideal option is to have lockable storage cabinets that only some selected people have access for. To add extra level protection; its best to keep any lockable storing cupboards in a locked room that can’t be opened by everybody.

Safe Distribution Of  Documents To Protect Confidential Data

Storing private data safely in your own office is one thing; its important to do it securely if they have to be delivered. If its physical documents that need to be addressed; then it’s a decent idea to use a reliable courier service. A person of trust from within your organisation can deliver them. If you are using an email program; then it’s essential to encode the files and be sure you use a reliable service provider.

Employee Drill

A business’s workers are the major risk whenever there is a confidential data leak. This isn’t necessarily due to hateful reasons either; this happens because the right training wasn’t provided. When training your workers about protecting confidential data; it’s a good idea to explain them first why it’s important to keep the data secure. Then teach them about the practical features of data protection, i.e. destroying of documents, using protected passwords etc. It is better to educate your employees at your own office about phishing and data protection.

Secure Data Destruction

Secure confidential data

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