Computer Recycling London

From the initial contact, it takes 24-72 hours for booking the collection. For free collection facility, minimum 20 IT equipment are required to be picked. If you have less than 20 items, contact our team and find the best solution in place.

IT Recycling London

The old and discarded IT equipment is a threat to the environment and because of that it needs proper recycling measures. Ecogreen IT Recycling London works brilliantly in this endeavour and offers efficient recycling and disposal services for the harmful IT equipment. Old computers, laptops, monitors, servers, and other IT equipment are regularly collected from various kinds of organisations and homes. Considered among the finest agencies for Computer Recycling London we are operational in and around London and throughout the UK mainland.

IT Equipment Recycling

Ecogreen IT Recycling is among the leading free computer disposal and IT recycling agencies within the UK. Our offices are based in four major locations within the UK – London, Birmingham, Bristol, and Nottingham. We offer the most convenient and free computer recycling London has to offer. Our aim is to keep the environment e-waste free without making the whole process a burden for you.

Several organisations in the UK stand clueless as they don’t know what to do with their IT equipment. This is where Computer Recycling London agencies, like Ecogreen, jump to help. We offer ethical and effective services to all our clients in terms of IT recycling.

While choosing the right IT recycling company for the data destruction, one thing has to be taken into consideration. Above all the company has to be a certified and in addition not an unauthorised one or worse still, a scam. To ensure the security and safety of your data ask for the company’s track record. Moreover, check if the company works in compliance with the WEEE Directive or not.

E-Waste Management

Basically, e-waste or electronic waste is all the IT equipment that has become useless or obsolete and been discarded. This includes almost everything with a plug and a battery, like computers, laptops, TVs, cell phones, fridges, printers, etc. The UK is among the worst offenders in terms of e-waste production ranking sixth in the world. We produce about 1.4 million tonnes of e-waste per annum. The statistics are alarming and are supposed to only rise in the coming years.

E-waste is a grave threat to human health and the ecosystem. If the IT equipment is thrown in landfills or incinerated, it exposes our environment to extremely harmful materials. E-waste management is our duty to save the environment from unnecessary landfills that lead to thousands of health issues. We encourage you to recycle old computers and other IT equipment and play your part in being a responsible citizen.

How We Work

Being a Computer Recycling London-based agency we work in accordance with the WEEE Directive that came in effect in 2003. Keeping in line with the WEEE Directive, we offer free computer recycling in London.

For those who don’t know what the WEEE Directive is, it’s a directive that ensures e-waste management. It came into force in January 2007, enabling consumers to opt free computer disposal instead of dumping e-waste in bins. This directive encourages consumers to reuse or recycle their old equipment which leads to e-waste control.

Although, it may seem easy to recycle old computers, yet with a busy routine it can be a burden. Ecogreen serves for your convenience and ease. Our procedure is the smoothest one from collecting the IT equipment to recycling it. We ensure your comfort and guarantee the safe and secure disposal of your IT equipment.

The whole procedure goes like this:

Client sends a list of all the IT equipment they need to dispose

We collect the equipment (more than 20 items) from their place

The equipment is analysed for what has to be done with it – reuse, recycle, refurbish, or destruct

If it can be recycled, secure data destruction is carried out at our plants

If the system is not recyclable, it will be taken for IT asset management

Hard drives are shredded carefully and useful materials are extracted to be used by the concerned authorities

Proper certification is provided to the client as proof that their data has been securely destroyed

Equipment We Collect

Ecogreen IT Recycling London provides a certified free computer recycling in London that includes the collection of all IT related equipment from any organisation, be that schools or businesses. Book your collection now to receive our professional and prompt services in London.

Below is a list of the equipment that we collect:

Computer Base Units




Whiteboards (may be charged depending on quantity)

CRT Monitors (£5 + VAT Per)

Toners/Ink Cartridges

Assorted Cables

Apple Equipment


Phone Systems

Mobile Phones

Photocopiers (£50 + VAT Per)

TVs (£5 + VAT Per)

Networking Equipment

All Electronic and IT Related Equipment

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